Throughout its history, SMARTJET AMERICA has achieved the highest standards of quality in the products and services it makes available to the international market, for the codification of products, among which we can mention corrugated cardboard boxes, Zinc sheets , PVC pipes and all those surfaces, porous, semi and non porous.

In addition, and with the aim of being an integral support, we have a technical service of maintenance, support and first level guarantee with highly qualified professionals.

We want to have a close relationship with our clients, covering the requirements of the different sectors of the industry, providing the support of an excellent service, as well as an optimal response capacity of our company.

Create solutions in the area of printing, coding and packaging, which day by day lead us to improve our internal and external processes, in order to be recognized as the best option in the development, marketing and maintenance of innovative solutions at the lowest prices. competitive in the area of coding, printing and industrial packaging for the domestic and foreign market, thus being a profitable company for both shareholders and employees.


Offer solutions for the coding of products in the industry in general in:

1.    Printing systems

2.  Industrial coding systems


Exceeding the expectations of our customers and making a difference in the market by consistently growing, innovating and providing excellent service and attention.

1.    Trust

2.   Perseverance

3.   Commitment

4.    Social responsability

5.    Honesty

6.    Innovation